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We all love movies, we know how much we can experience watching a movie that will make us keep going to the cinema and buying DVDs or Blu-rays. However, there are times when we don’t know which movies to see or what to look for, and that can be catastrophic for a movie fan. But thanks to megamovies for providing a free asian films list, you won’t have to worry anymore, as whatever the kind of movie you like the most – here we are going to show you some of the best 2017 movies from the Asian continent that will help you broaden your movie options this year. Take a look!

Asian Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Death NoteWatch Death Note Full Film Free

This movie, a real-life remake of the famous anime Death Note about a guy who has a notebook with magical or witchcraft power who can do whatever he wants with other people’s lives, including his own. It is going to be release soon in the USA and hopes to be better than the Japanese sequel from last year called “Light Up The New World”.


Ip Man 4ip man 4 movie

The Famous IP Man comes to the big screen again in the hands of Wilson Yip and hopes to offer the same high-quality movie that the last 3 did. Still, this movie is under production and if it’s going to be released it will be in late 2017 if everything goes well.


Fullmetal Alchemistfullmetal alchemist Movie

Another famous anime/manga brought to life with this live-action adaptation which proposes to deliver the same quality as the animated version. It is going to be distributed by Warner Bros Pictures but it’s being made in Japan and directed by Fuminihiko Sori and an entirely Japanese cast.


The Adventurersthe adventurers movie

Another movie to look up in cinemas soon, directed by Stephen Fung, it’s going to be one of the best releases from Hong Kong this summer. With Andy Lau as the main character, this movie will try to portray the life of some thieves who will go after a strange prize that will offer them exactly the opposite.


The Villainessthe villainess movie

Directed by Jung Byung-Gil a promising director from Korea, this movie is supposed to offer one of the best action deliveries this summer, with the story about a girl assassin named Sook-Hee who can dispatch an entire gang without getting a single hit.


Suffering of Ninkosuffering of ninko movie

An artsy experimental film about a monk who’s being tormented by the desire of women all around him. It portrays how a monk has to battle against human desire in a way that hasn’t been done before. From the hands of the director Norihiro Niwatsukino, it promises to be a pretty unbelievable film.


Soul on a Stringsoul on a string movie

Filmed in China and exposing some of the best Tibetan culture landmarks, with the story about a man who has to return a sacred stone to his sacred place in the highest mountain against all odds – this movie promises to be a great opportunity for movie lovers this year.

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Aroused by Gymnopedies

A Japanese drama about a filmmaker who thrives to find the solution for his decreased creative response that leads him to film porn. He has to find a way to get out of there but he meets a girl who then leaves him alone and he becomes even more lost.

The Gangster’s Daughter

With a pretty awesome name for a noir-crime movie directly from Taipei and directed by Chen Mei-Jun – it is expected to offer high-quality performances from all the actors and a wonderful script about a girl who is going to experience all about the mafia world of his father. A simply good theme to such a good title.


A dark comedy about two guys who are supposed to deliver a mysterious package to some gangsters and have to get on the road to travel a great length in order to do so. It promises to be a good comedy and even better light crime action flick.

The Road to Mandalay

Marginalized characters will always take our heart, especially when the story is heartbreaking and it makes your feelings to flourish. This movie, directed by Midi Z promises to deliver a very hardcore but sweet romance movie set in Burmese about a couple who has to travel to Thailand in a very peculiar way.

Dawn of the Felines

This Japanese drama directed by Kazuya Shiraishi offer a tribute to the old classics about sex trade, sex slavery and an intimate portrayal of the life of three call girls from Japan. A movie about morality, justice, and pain.

Bad Genius

NYAFF Award winner Nattawut Poonpiriya comes again this 2017 with a movie about a Thailand high-school genius whose intelligence and obsession with perfection will get him to the most horrible ride in his life. A movie not to lose this 2017.


Top Asian Awards and Festivals Film Lovers Should Follow

The Academy Awards mostly known as the Oscars is the most popular and sought for Film Awards in the world every year. Still, this doesn’t make it the only one that matters, as there are hundreds of other film awards that portray the best talent and creations from other parts of the world – like Asia.

In Asia, we can find many important film awards, some of them from an exact location of the continent and others covering the whole spectrum of countries. But whatever these Awards or Festival cover, they still offer the best experiences for both artists to be awarded for their work and audience to see how their favorite artists receive what they deserve. Take a look!

AFA: Asian Film Awards from Hong Kong

asian film festival

With the main purpose of awarding the best works of film professionals from the Asian continent, mainly from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong – the AFA or Asian Film Awards are one of the most important film happenings in Asia. It takes place in Hong Kong and makes a great event where people from all around the world are invited, especially superstars in the film industry and filmmakers.

It was funded in 2007 by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society and since then it has awarded hundreds of movies, actors, filmmakers and more. Nowadays, it awards film from all Asia, including South Korea and Japan.

Beijing International Film Festival from China

beijing film festival

A large-scale film show from Beijing, this international film festival brings filmmakers and artists from all around the continent in order to promote their works and creations in a high-quality festival that pushes the boundaries of professionalism, innovation, and development.

Coming directly from China’s film industry and with a great market importance for those who present their works here, this festival is one of the biggest in Asia, funded in 2011 and delivering the best results like foreign exchange, cooperation and trade in film and the industry. Millions of viewers attend every year to see the best and most important films in the festival.

Jeonju International Film Festival from South Korea

jeonju film festival

Often known as JIFF, this South Korea film festival is one of the most important Asia, both for its large-scale of viewers and audience, and for its importance for experimental filmmaking and adventurous creations. It mostly brings serious and hardcore moviegoers and lovers of filmmaking, especially for the characterized type of film that tends to be presented. Still, it brings thousands of people every year since 2000, making it a highly recommended film festival in Asia.

Wairoa Maori Film Festival from New Zealand

Wairoa Maori Film Festival


This film festival from New Zealand was founded in 2005 with the purpose of helping all indigenous storytelling and films from the Wairoa community in the country. Nowadays, it is known for being the starting point for many filmmakers in New Zealand, most of them working as non-profit and non-politically to show their creations to the world. It brings thousands of viewers every year, and most films presented are experimental and original.

Sydney Film Festival from Australia

sydney film festival

This festival held in Sydney is a top-notch gathering for filmmakers and film lovers who are both in search of delight with the newest film releases from the country and all around the globe. This festival includes an award section where the best-presented films are awarded with prizes and with other great features like Theatre, Opera, Art Gallery, a Drive-In and much more.

Shanghai International Film Festival from China

asian film festivals

One of the oldest Asian film Festivals, the SIFF as it is mostly known, was found in 1993 and it’s today celebrated every year in the city of Shanghai. This wonderful eventbrings people from all around the world to see the newest creations from all famous and must-see filmmakers from China and frequently, other parts of the continent. It is one of the main reasons why the Chinese filmmaking industry is growing today and a great part of what it is going to become tomorrow thanks to how it empowers and supports this artistic movement.

Taipei Film Festival from Taiwan

taipei film festival

Mostly celebrated within the city of Taipei, this festival brings more than 100,000 viewers each year thanks to the more than 100 films that are shown from more than 40 countries all around the globe. It is an increasingly growing festival which brings more and more people every year and that supports filmmakers by showcasing their creations and sometimes even working as a way of selling them to distributors, especially when it is about independent artists.

New Zealand International Film Festival

new zeland film festival

Celebrated in different cities of New Zealand, the NIFF as it is mostly known was founded in 2009 and it is today one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. It showcases more than 150 films each year and brings more than 50,000 people to see and celebrate the newest and most important creations from the filmmakers of this part of the world.

Cinemalaya from the Philippines

cinemalaya film festival

Known for being the largest and most important Film Festival from the Philippines, this event celebrated in the city of Manila is one of the biggest in Asia and one of the freshest as well. With the purpose of encouraging new filmmakers and more Filipino artists to showcase their work and talent – this festival offers a great experience to the audience of more than 10,000 each year.

Freedom Film Fest from Malaysia

freedom film festival

Celebrated in Saitama, this human rights based film festival showcases all films and artistic creations that support or portray all important human values in the world. All films shown in this festival have themes about or related to peace, equality, democracy, justice, and all basic human rights.

Busan International Film Festival from South Korea

busan film festival

One of the biggest film festivals in Asia founded in 1996, BIFF, as it is also known, is today as important as the Oscars in the US thanks to the many Asian directors, filmmakers and actors who attend every year to showcase and experience a great competitive program that develops and pursues professionalism in every way possible.

Tokyo International Film Festival from Japan

tokyo film festival

Now in its 27th edition, the Tokyo International Film Festival is another big event that presents itself as one of the biggest in the world. Since 1985 the TIFF has been the largest Japanese film festival and maybe the biggest in Asia as well. All films showcased in this festival are of the highest quality, always portraying the most professional artists and trying to push those young filmmakers and actors to get inspired and keep following their goals.

Mumbai Film Festival India

mumbai film festival

When it comes to India, there are many film festivals and awards to talk about, but there’s none as good as the Mumbai Film Festival, where thousands of filmmakers arrive each year and even more viewers come to see the talent of the artists who showcase their work here.

World Film Festival of Bangkok from Thailand

bangkok film festival

Mainly showcasing independent films from all Asia, especially Thailand, this event celebrated each year helps those filmmakers who don’t have the necessary economic support to show their works to the world and rise as the new great filmmakers.

Singapore International Film Festival from Singapore

singapore film festival

The SGIFF is another big festival from Asia founded in 1987 and from which many great filmmakers from the country have emerged. Nowadays, it is the most important festival and awards event in the country and which brings thousands of viewers and hundreds of professionals of film together with both aspiring, independent filmmakers as well as those industrious and commercial ones in just one place.

Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival from Indonesia

jogja film festival

Celebrated each year in Yogyakarta, this wonderful film festival from Indonesia is a top-notch Asian event which brings thousands of followers from the best filmmakers of the country plus many other viewers from all around the world. Today, it is a really important event for those who want to showcase their work and those who want to get more exposure.

Asia is following Hollywood Steps!

Do not hesitate to visit any of these festivals if you are a film lover and want to know more about the world creations. Visit one of these festivals and see for yourself how talented is Asian people and how much you can learn from a different viewpoint when it comes to movies.

Can Chinese Movies Compete with Hollywood?

There has always been a preference in the world for Hollywood movies, especially for those big blockbusters which are sometimes known all around the globe. But that doesn’t mean that Hollywood is the only film industry that offers high-quality movies – as there are also other industries such as the Chinese Film Industry which is one of the biggest behind the US.

Today, this Chinese industry is heavily supported by the own Chinese government and promises to keep expanding all around the world from the Eastern to the West and to the most difficult places in the globe. And this is something that makes it possible, especially when the country’s soft economic power has increased in production exponentially the last few years getting to more audience and eventually offering better quality in all its deliveries.

And that’s something that makes it a great competitor for the biggest film industry in the world – Hollywood!

The Chinese Numbers and Its Audience

In 2016 more than $560 million in movie tickets were sold in China and more than 30 film theaters were opened weekly. And that’s something that has been increasing the past year, especially for the huge amount of blockbusters where you can see how Hollywood actors start sharing the screen with Chinese ones.

Chinese people watching cinema movies

But this happens merely as a way of maintaining the market alive – an indirect way of making the world fall for the Chinese culture and making the Chinese people fall for West content. This co-dependency in many free movies nowadays is a market strategy to gross more with each release, where movies like Transformers 4, with great product placement and scenes directly filmed in Hong Kong, grossed more than $300 million just in China, even more than what was made in the US.

And this is simply one example. Other movies like the Great Wall directed by Zhang Yimou where the main character is the Blockbuster star Matt Damon, a movie that was made, without a doubt, to attract more Chinese audience and at the same time to focus on the west with the presence of agreat human Western mark lime Matt.

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Without a doubt, this market strategy has worked immensely to make more Chinese audience share cinema time alongside their western contemporaries, making the Chinese market grow not only inside the country but expanding itself all around the globe and gaining a bigger audience eventually.

This path is making the industry grow and grow more and more, but still, it needs the help of an even bigger film industry like Hollywood to do it. Yet, it will not be too long after the market starts to get diversified, thanks to how China is growing and how the industry is getting more and more filled with a mix of culture and globalist propaganda.

How Can Chinese Film Industry Grow As Much as Hollywood?

It is not a lie how China has always been the economic competitor of the US since hundreds of years ago. And even more important – the technological and social competitor which has pushed both countries to thrive in difficult situations and eventually improve their overall quality in many ways.

And this has been, so far, a seemingly healthy competition to be the wellness of both nations. When it comes to the film industry, Hollywood, since it first came to life in the last century, has always been the major and more important film industry in the world – but that’s something that could change in the following years.


China is an empowering nation whose first purpose to be the first in technological creations and economic improvement without forgetting about the overall innovation in all aspects has made it one of the most important nations in the world. Today, its film industry is growing as much as all other factors of its economy, starting from its soft spot thanks to how Chinese media is being exposed with the use of digital paths and a growing internet use in the whole world.

Still, the Western is too far behind when it comes to learning about such a great culture as the Chinese in a more intimate way. But this doesn’t mean that it will eventually ignore the growth of such an important film industry which is supposed to become the competitor of Hollywood in no time.

But this will demand a lot more quality in filmmaking, a lot more exposure for actors and filmmakers and an even greater help from the same Hollywood industry to support another film industry in its growth. What Chinese film industry needs to grow its itself, but without the help of Hollywood, it won’t get too far as the market is already controlled and the Western won’t give itself to a different culture that easily.

The future is expected to offer more and more Chinese-American or American-Chinese screen sharing, both in production, acting, directing and much more. And this makes it undoubtedly good for the growing of such a great industry as the Chinese. Still, it will be a lot longer before this industry can meet with Hollywood – but not as long as it seems.

Asian Films Taking Over the World

Everyone loves Hollywood movies because they are full of great special effects, wonderful stories, and pretty awesome scripts with the best directing and acting we could hope for. Yet, Hollywood movies are not the only ones that hold the same level of quality in every aspect. Asian filmmaking, for example, also offers pretty good movies, some of them even better than most Hollywood movies we see in cinemas today.

Take a look at the following 10 Asian Film Gems and see for yourself how great movies from other parts of the world can be…

1. Oldboy (2003) from South Korea

oldboy movie

It is not a secret that Park Chan-Wook is one of the most talented filmmakers alive today. And when it comes to his best film, we can simply put our finger into his 2003 masterpiece Oldboy. This movie is simply perfect, with a revenge theme, lots of blood, sublime directing, undoubtedly perfect acting and a wonderful story that will make anyone fall from their seat. Watch Oldboy and everything else from Park Chan-Wook, you won’t regret it.

2. Yi Yi (2000) from Taiwan

Yi-Yi is a movie that is not as well-known as the rest of this list. Yet, it is one of the best and most interesting without a doubt. Directed by Edward Yang and portrayed by some of the best characters in Asian movies of all times, this seemingly perfect movie has almost no faults. From the writing to the acting, directing and even beautiful photography, this movie is a must for all film lovers.

3. The Raid: Redemption (2011) from Indonesia

the raid redemption

Even though this movie was directed by Gareth Evans, a Welsh director – it was filmed and portrayed by pure Indonesia material. When it comes to action, The Raid: Redemption is simply one of the best movies ever made, a masterpiece in form, story, photography, and characterization. Simply, a must-see for all action fans.

4. 13 Assassins (2010) from Japan

Released in 2010, 13 Assassins by Takashi Miike was a masterpiece that didn’t get enough praise from the West. Still, it made a big impact which was felt all over the world. This movie, as a remake of the old 1963 movie that didn’t really go out of Asia, was superbly brought back in order to delight all samurai enthusiasts.

5. A Separation (2011) from Iran

The Oscar-winning drama A Separation is an amazing film which Hollywood must envy. This amazing drama was directed by Asghar Faradi, a talented director who portrayed the most interesting story of social correctitude, justice, honor, religious beliefs, and obedience of Iran by telling us about a couple which is currently divorcing in the most simplistic but successful way. This movie should be on the watch list of everyone who hasn’t watched it yet.

6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) from Taiwan

If you are a movie fan, you for sure known Ang Lee for movies like Brokeback Mountain (2008) and Pi (2012) that are two of his most successful movies. Still, there’s a movie in his portfolio that is even more celebrated than these two and it is also better in some ways. This ninja movie, full of fight scenes at the best ninja style, a pretty good story, and wonderful acting is simply one of the best Asian movies ever made.

7. Infernal Affairs (2002) from Hong Kong

Chinese movies don’t get the praise they deserve, especially for those movies that are actually the original from some Western one. Infernal Affairs by Wai Keung Lau is a perfect movie, both artistically and technically, with an interesting story, good action scene, pretty awesome thriller feel and with a script that was even remade in Hollywood. Infernal Affairs is the original script from The Departed (2006) by Martin Scorsese, and simply that makes it just as important as any other.

8. In The Mood for Love (2000) from Hong Kong

in the mood for love movie

Another Chinese movie that doesn’t get the appraisal it deserves is In the Mood for Love. This movie directed by Wong KarWai is a perfect mix between drama, romance, loneliness, and love. This movie was exquisitely made, both for its script and cinematography, with a perfect story and an even better message that needs to be read between lines. Still, a movie any film lover would praise.

9. Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) from India

gangs of wasseypur

Most movies from Bollywood are known for their musicals, Indian stereotypes, religious themes,and romance. However, Anurag Kashyap did a tremendous job with this 5-hour-long drama which is simply one of the best Asian gems ever made. Portraying the most overlooked part of the Indian society and mafia, this movie is pure gold in almost every way. It is filled with drama, comedy, action, thriller, suspense and much more. A must-see.

10. Battle Royale (2000) from Japan

Directed by the utterly talented Kinji Fukasaku, Battle Royale made a big impact when it first came out. An action film filled with teenagers blood, mysteries to solve, good action and the best directing – this movie delivers the best survival mode to the screen and the Hunger Games feeling with an even better story that is just a must-watch for anyone who wants to know more about Asian filmmaking.

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