Best Asian Actors Known in Hollywood

Actors are, most of the time, the first thing we take a look at when we decide if we’re going to watch a movie or not. When the main characters on a movie are actors we like, the most likely is that we are going to watch it, whether it looks bad or not. And just as it happens in Hollywood with American and British actors, there are also some actors from other nationalities that deliver top-notch performances and are known all around the world for their talent.

Here, we are going to talk about Asian actors, the most famous in Hollywood, their works and why they are so important for the industry. Take a look!

Hollywood Talent Comes From All Places!

As you know, Asian actors are not given as many opportunities as American or British actors do. Still, some of these Asian actors have made their way into Hollywood and stood up among the best stars and celebrities, some even being part of modern culture like…

Ken Watanabeken watanabe

Japanese actors born in 1959, Ken Watanabe is the perfect example of how being from another country, far from the US can still be a great advantage in Hollywood. Famous for his multiple roles in Hollywood as a Samurai in the Last Samurai, R’as Al Ghul in Batman, a General in Letters From Iwo Jima, the Chairman in Memoirs of a Geisha, Saito in Inception and much more – Ken is a wonderful actor who has created a great fan base and has made of himself a name to look for in Hollywood movies. A great Asian actor who even has an Oscar nomination.

Steven Yeunsteven yeun

Mostly known for his portrayal of Glenn in the famous zombie TV show The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun is nowadays, the most famous South Koreanactor working in Hollywood. But his works are much more, with roles in The Big Bang Theory, I Origins, Trollhunters, and the 2017’s masterpiece – Okja. Steven still makes his ways through some of the best releases and manages to have a great fan base which makes every one of the movies he appears on a blockbuster.

Dev PatelDev Patel

Appearing in the first Skins season back in 2007 portraying Awaz, the Indian descendant Dev Patel has come a great way with some of the best Hollywood movies since then. With his first big role being the Oscar-winning masterpiece Slumdog Millionaire, he has gotten the best roles he has been able to get like Sonny in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Prince Zuko in The Last Airbender, Deon in Chappie, and one his latest appearances – Lion as Saroo the guy who wants to meet his old family. Dev Patel is simply a great actor seems to be improving with time, getting his first Oscar nomination this year.

Aziz Ansari/aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari is another Indian descendant born in the US, a professional actor and writer who has made of himself a great name in the industry. He’s mostly known for his littlest work in TV series like Parks and Recreations and some of other minor roles like I Love You, Man and Funny People in 2009, Get Him to The Greek in 2010 and 30 Minutes of Less in 2011. However, his most recent work Master of None, where he plays the main character and also writes, is the work that makes him so important for Hollywood today.

Sandra OhSandra Oh

Korean daughter born in Canada, Sandra Oh is a professional actress known for works in famous movies and TV series in Hollywood like Grey’s Anatomy where she played since the beginning, Sideways from Alexander Payne in 2004 and her earliest works The Diary of Evelyn Lau in 1994 and stage acting in Ontario.


Jet LiJet Li

A Wushu professional fighter, Jet Li is also one of the most famous Hollywood actors from China. Known for his roles as martial arts fighters in most movies including Born to Defense in 1986, Tai-Chi master in 1993, High Risk in 1995, Lethal Weapon 4 in 1999, Hero in 2002, Unleashed in 2005, and the last The Expendables Movies – Jet Li is today a star in Hollywood whose talent is not questioned in any way.

Jackie ChanJackie Chan

Whenever someone says Asian actors is almost impossible to not think of Jackie Chan. This actor, director, stuntman and even producer from China is a top-tier Hollywood star known all around the world for his portrayals as Kung-Fu master, Martial Arts professional and even comedy actor who has been able to create a big fan base. The Asian actors with the most movies in Hollywood, including Rush Hour, ShangaiNoob, Around the World in 80 Days, Mr. Nice Guy, Police Story 4, The Medallion, The Myth, The Tuxedo, the newest Karate Kid and even animated movies like Kung Fu Panda – Jackie Chan is simply a top star whose fame comes directly for his undisputable talent.

Lucy LiuLucy Liu

The most famous daughter of Chinese immigrants in Hollywood, Lucy Liu is simply one of the best actresses from Asian. With multiple appearances in both movies and TV series, she’s known for her roles in Beverly Hills 90210, ER, NYPD Blue, The X-Files and Pearl. Her most famous movies include Payback with Mel Gibson, Play It to the Bone, Kill Bill 1 & 22, Shanghai Noon, Chalie Angels and many other more recent movies like Kung Fu Panda where she gives the voice to Viper.

Asian Actors Are Just Wonderful!

Known for their great performances, hardworkingmindsets, and immense talent, these Asian actors are the most sought for in Hollywood – actors you shouldn’t lose a movie from if you want to experience greatness.