Top Asian Awards and Festivals Film Lovers Should Follow

The Academy Awards mostly known as the Oscars is the most popular and sought for Film Awards in the world every year. Still, this doesn’t make it the only one that matters, as there are hundreds of other film awards that portray the best talent and creations from other parts of the world – like Asia.

In Asia, we can find many important film awards, some of them from an exact location of the continent and others covering the whole spectrum of countries. But whatever these Awards or Festival cover, they still offer the best experiences for both artists to be awarded for their work and audience to see how their favorite artists receive what they deserve. Take a look!

AFA: Asian Film Awards from Hong Kong

asian film festival

With the main purpose of awarding the best works of film professionals from the Asian continent, mainly from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong – the AFA or Asian Film Awards are one of the most important film happenings in Asia. It takes place in Hong Kong and makes a great event where people from all around the world are invited, especially superstars in the film industry and filmmakers.

It was funded in 2007 by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society and since then it has awarded hundreds of movies, actors, filmmakers and more. Nowadays, it awards film from all Asia, including South Korea and Japan.

Beijing International Film Festival from China

beijing film festival

A large-scale film show from Beijing, this international film festival brings filmmakers and artists from all around the continent in order to promote their works and creations in a high-quality festival that pushes the boundaries of professionalism, innovation, and development.

Coming directly from China’s film industry and with a great market importance for those who present their works here, this festival is one of the biggest in Asia, funded in 2011 and delivering the best results like foreign exchange, cooperation and trade in film and the industry. Millions of viewers attend every year to see the best and most important films in the festival.

Jeonju International Film Festival from South Korea

jeonju film festival

Often known as JIFF, this South Korea film festival is one of the most important Asia, both for its large-scale of viewers and audience, and for its importance for experimental filmmaking and adventurous creations. It mostly brings serious and hardcore moviegoers and lovers of filmmaking, especially for the characterized type of film that tends to be presented. Still, it brings thousands of people every year since 2000, making it a highly recommended film festival in Asia.

Wairoa Maori Film Festival from New Zealand

Wairoa Maori Film Festival


This film festival from New Zealand was founded in 2005 with the purpose of helping all indigenous storytelling and films from the Wairoa community in the country. Nowadays, it is known for being the starting point for many filmmakers in New Zealand, most of them working as non-profit and non-politically to show their creations to the world. It brings thousands of viewers every year, and most films presented are experimental and original.

Sydney Film Festival from Australia

sydney film festival

This festival held in Sydney is a top-notch gathering for filmmakers and film lovers who are both in search of delight with the newest film releases from the country and all around the globe. This festival includes an award section where the best-presented films are awarded with prizes and with other great features like Theatre, Opera, Art Gallery, a Drive-In and much more.

Shanghai International Film Festival from China

asian film festivals

One of the oldest Asian film Festivals, the SIFF as it is mostly known, was found in 1993 and it’s today celebrated every year in the city of Shanghai. This wonderful eventbrings people from all around the world to see the newest creations from all famous and must-see filmmakers from China and frequently, other parts of the continent. It is one of the main reasons why the Chinese filmmaking industry is growing today and a great part of what it is going to become tomorrow thanks to how it empowers and supports this artistic movement.

Taipei Film Festival from Taiwan

taipei film festival

Mostly celebrated within the city of Taipei, this festival brings more than 100,000 viewers each year thanks to the more than 100 films that are shown from more than 40 countries all around the globe. It is an increasingly growing festival which brings more and more people every year and that supports filmmakers by showcasing their creations and sometimes even working as a way of selling them to distributors, especially when it is about independent artists.

New Zealand International Film Festival

new zeland film festival

Celebrated in different cities of New Zealand, the NIFF as it is mostly known was founded in 2009 and it is today one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. It showcases more than 150 films each year and brings more than 50,000 people to see and celebrate the newest and most important creations from the filmmakers of this part of the world.

Cinemalaya from the Philippines

cinemalaya film festival

Known for being the largest and most important Film Festival from the Philippines, this event celebrated in the city of Manila is one of the biggest in Asia and one of the freshest as well. With the purpose of encouraging new filmmakers and more Filipino artists to showcase their work and talent – this festival offers a great experience to the audience of more than 10,000 each year.

Freedom Film Fest from Malaysia

freedom film festival

Celebrated in Saitama, this human rights based film festival showcases all films and artistic creations that support or portray all important human values in the world. All films shown in this festival have themes about or related to peace, equality, democracy, justice, and all basic human rights.

Busan International Film Festival from South Korea

busan film festival

One of the biggest film festivals in Asia founded in 1996, BIFF, as it is also known, is today as important as the Oscars in the US thanks to the many Asian directors, filmmakers and actors who attend every year to showcase and experience a great competitive program that develops and pursues professionalism in every way possible.

Tokyo International Film Festival from Japan

tokyo film festival

Now in its 27th edition, the Tokyo International Film Festival is another big event that presents itself as one of the biggest in the world. Since 1985 the TIFF has been the largest Japanese film festival and maybe the biggest in Asia as well. All films showcased in this festival are of the highest quality, always portraying the most professional artists and trying to push those young filmmakers and actors to get inspired and keep following their goals.

Mumbai Film Festival India

mumbai film festival

When it comes to India, there are many film festivals and awards to talk about, but there’s none as good as the Mumbai Film Festival, where thousands of filmmakers arrive each year and even more viewers come to see the talent of the artists who showcase their work here.

World Film Festival of Bangkok from Thailand

bangkok film festival

Mainly showcasing independent films from all Asia, especially Thailand, this event celebrated each year helps those filmmakers who don’t have the necessary economic support to show their works to the world and rise as the new great filmmakers.

Singapore International Film Festival from Singapore

singapore film festival

The SGIFF is another big festival from Asia founded in 1987 and from which many great filmmakers from the country have emerged. Nowadays, it is the most important festival and awards event in the country and which brings thousands of viewers and hundreds of professionals of film together with both aspiring, independent filmmakers as well as those industrious and commercial ones in just one place.

Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival from Indonesia

jogja film festival

Celebrated each year in Yogyakarta, this wonderful film festival from Indonesia is a top-notch Asian event which brings thousands of followers from the best filmmakers of the country plus many other viewers from all around the world. Today, it is a really important event for those who want to showcase their work and those who want to get more exposure.

Asia is following Hollywood Steps!

Do not hesitate to visit any of these festivals if you are a film lover and want to know more about the world creations. Visit one of these festivals and see for yourself how talented is Asian people and how much you can learn from a different viewpoint when it comes to movies.