Can Chinese Movies Compete with Hollywood?

There has always been a preference in the world for Hollywood movies, especially for those big blockbusters which are sometimes known all around the globe. But that doesn’t mean that Hollywood is the only film industry that offers high-quality movies – as there are also other industries such as the Chinese Film Industry which is one of the biggest behind the US.

Today, this Chinese industry is heavily supported by the own Chinese government and promises to keep expanding all around the world from the Eastern to the West and to the most difficult places in the globe. And this is something that makes it possible, especially when the country’s soft economic power has increased in production exponentially the last few years getting to more audience and eventually offering better quality in all its deliveries.

And that’s something that makes it a great competitor for the biggest film industry in the world – Hollywood!

The Chinese Numbers and Its Audience

In 2016 more than $560 million in movie tickets were sold in China and more than 30 film theaters were opened weekly. And that’s something that has been increasing the past year, especially for the huge amount of blockbusters where you can see how Hollywood actors start sharing the screen with Chinese ones.

Chinese people watching cinema movies

But this happens merely as a way of maintaining the market alive – an indirect way of making the world fall for the Chinese culture and making the Chinese people fall for West content. This co-dependency in many free movies nowadays is a market strategy to gross more with each release, where movies like Transformers 4, with great product placement and scenes directly filmed in Hong Kong, grossed more than $300 million just in China, even more than what was made in the US.

And this is simply one example. Other movies like the Great Wall directed by Zhang Yimou where the main character is the Blockbuster star Matt Damon, a movie that was made, without a doubt, to attract more Chinese audience and at the same time to focus on the west with the presence of agreat human Western mark lime Matt.

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Without a doubt, this market strategy has worked immensely to make more Chinese audience share cinema time alongside their western contemporaries, making the Chinese market grow not only inside the country but expanding itself all around the globe and gaining a bigger audience eventually.

This path is making the industry grow and grow more and more, but still, it needs the help of an even bigger film industry like Hollywood to do it. Yet, it will not be too long after the market starts to get diversified, thanks to how China is growing and how the industry is getting more and more filled with a mix of culture and globalist propaganda.

How Can Chinese Film Industry Grow As Much as Hollywood?

It is not a lie how China has always been the economic competitor of the US since hundreds of years ago. And even more important – the technological and social competitor which has pushed both countries to thrive in difficult situations and eventually improve their overall quality in many ways.

And this has been, so far, a seemingly healthy competition to be the wellness of both nations. When it comes to the film industry, Hollywood, since it first came to life in the last century, has always been the major and more important film industry in the world – but that’s something that could change in the following years.


China is an empowering nation whose first purpose to be the first in technological creations and economic improvement without forgetting about the overall innovation in all aspects has made it one of the most important nations in the world. Today, its film industry is growing as much as all other factors of its economy, starting from its soft spot thanks to how Chinese media is being exposed with the use of digital paths and a growing internet use in the whole world.

Still, the Western is too far behind when it comes to learning about such a great culture as the Chinese in a more intimate way. But this doesn’t mean that it will eventually ignore the growth of such an important film industry which is supposed to become the competitor of Hollywood in no time.

But this will demand a lot more quality in filmmaking, a lot more exposure for actors and filmmakers and an even greater help from the same Hollywood industry to support another film industry in its growth. What Chinese film industry needs to grow its itself, but without the help of Hollywood, it won’t get too far as the market is already controlled and the Western won’t give itself to a different culture that easily.

The future is expected to offer more and more Chinese-American or American-Chinese screen sharing, both in production, acting, directing and much more. And this makes it undoubtedly good for the growing of such a great industry as the Chinese. Still, it will be a lot longer before this industry can meet with Hollywood – but not as long as it seems.