Must-Watch 2017 Asian Films

We all love movies, we know how much we can experience watching a movie that will make us keep going to the cinema and buying DVDs or Blu-rays. However, there are times when we don’t know which movies to see or what to look for, and that can be catastrophic for a movie fan. But thanks to megamovies for providing a free asian films list, you won’t have to worry anymore, as whatever the kind of movie you like the most – here we are going to show you some of the best 2017 movies from the Asian continent that will help you broaden your movie options this year. Take a look!

Asian Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Death NoteWatch Death Note Full Film Free

This movie, a real-life remake of the famous anime Death Note about a guy who has a notebook with magical or witchcraft power who can do whatever he wants with other people’s lives, including his own. It is going to be release soon in the USA and hopes to be better than the Japanese sequel from last year called “Light Up The New World”.


Ip Man 4ip man 4 movie

The Famous IP Man comes to the big screen again in the hands of Wilson Yip and hopes to offer the same high-quality movie that the last 3 did. Still, this movie is under production and if it’s going to be released it will be in late 2017 if everything goes well.


Fullmetal Alchemistfullmetal alchemist Movie

Another famous anime/manga brought to life with this live-action adaptation which proposes to deliver the same quality as the animated version. It is going to be distributed by Warner Bros Pictures but it’s being made in Japan and directed by Fuminihiko Sori and an entirely Japanese cast.


The Adventurersthe adventurers movie

Another movie to look up in cinemas soon, directed by Stephen Fung, it’s going to be one of the best releases from Hong Kong this summer. With Andy Lau as the main character, this movie will try to portray the life of some thieves who will go after a strange prize that will offer them exactly the opposite.


The Villainessthe villainess movie

Directed by Jung Byung-Gil a promising director from Korea, this movie is supposed to offer one of the best action deliveries this summer, with the story about a girl assassin named Sook-Hee who can dispatch an entire gang without getting a single hit.


Suffering of Ninkosuffering of ninko movie

An artsy experimental film about a monk who’s being tormented by the desire of women all around him. It portrays how a monk has to battle against human desire in a way that hasn’t been done before. From the hands of the director Norihiro Niwatsukino, it promises to be a pretty unbelievable film.


Soul on a Stringsoul on a string movie

Filmed in China and exposing some of the best Tibetan culture landmarks, with the story about a man who has to return a sacred stone to his sacred place in the highest mountain against all odds – this movie promises to be a great opportunity for movie lovers this year.

These Movies Will Make You Lose Interest in Hollywood!

Aroused by Gymnopedies

A Japanese drama about a filmmaker who thrives to find the solution for his decreased creative response that leads him to film porn. He has to find a way to get out of there but he meets a girl who then leaves him alone and he becomes even more lost.

The Gangster’s Daughter

With a pretty awesome name for a noir-crime movie directly from Taipei and directed by Chen Mei-Jun – it is expected to offer high-quality performances from all the actors and a wonderful script about a girl who is going to experience all about the mafia world of his father. A simply good theme to such a good title.


A dark comedy about two guys who are supposed to deliver a mysterious package to some gangsters and have to get on the road to travel a great length in order to do so. It promises to be a good comedy and even better light crime action flick.

The Road to Mandalay

Marginalized characters will always take our heart, especially when the story is heartbreaking and it makes your feelings to flourish. This movie, directed by Midi Z promises to deliver a very hardcore but sweet romance movie set in Burmese about a couple who has to travel to Thailand in a very peculiar way.

Dawn of the Felines

This Japanese drama directed by Kazuya Shiraishi offer a tribute to the old classics about sex trade, sex slavery and an intimate portrayal of the life of three call girls from Japan. A movie about morality, justice, and pain.

Bad Genius

NYAFF Award winner Nattawut Poonpiriya comes again this 2017 with a movie about a Thailand high-school genius whose intelligence and obsession with perfection will get him to the most horrible ride in his life. A movie not to lose this 2017.